Individualize Your Program

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Remember, this transformation is about you…

…And what I mean by that is that I cater the program to the individual! In my experience, I have coached:

  • Personal Trainers needing improved self care
  • Chefs needing practical fitness regimens
  • Yogis needing personalized cooking tips
  • Hardworking adults that were never properly educated on diet, exercise or social satisfaction

The basis of the program is a divide between nutrition, physical activity and self care, but how much time we spend on each of those areas is contingent upon the client’s progress. I like my clients to feel like they can create a program that will accelerate their capabilities. If for whatever reason, you feel confident and proficient in an area of focus, we customize the system to reflect that.

What does that mean for you?

A shorter, more affordable program! After a brief evaluation, I can suggest an amended schedule that we mutually agree on.


The wellness industry has been on the rise for years, and with increased popularity, comes a market full of misleading products. On a daily basis I am introduced to trending health “miracles” that guarantee plenty and deliver close to nothing. Although I do support and promote high quality, results driven products, I will never slight my client’s interest in exploring their own supplements. As a friendly reminder, I like to stress the necessity of reading a supplement or body care’s ingredient label with the same precaution as reviewing a food label.

Lastly, I would like to add that although I may suggest the use of essential oils, herbs, or specific nutraceuticals to promote an ideal outcome, I will never require the client to experiment with modalities that they are uncomfortable with.

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The add-ons don’t stop there!

Here is a list of additional services I offer to compliment your program.