Understanding Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen the least inhabited room in your home? Does the mere thought of assembling a meal intimidate you? Is the microwave your favorite appliance? You are not alone. In fact, cooking for yourself and loved ones has been a skill on the decline for many decades. Spend a portion of your day with me organizing and familiarizing yourself with the essentials. This service also includes a “pantry raid” and “label reading.”

Woman cookingBowls containing different spices, nuts and grainsFamily looking at food itemProduct bag showing the nutrition facts and ingredients

Pantry Raid:

The only way to make room for vitality bearing foods is to get rid of the junk that is no longer nourishing us. Out with the old and in with the new. I will explain why some of your staple favorites are preventing you from being in better health, and what kind of replacements are available, so your taste buds aren't compromised! This service also includes “label reading.”

Label Reading:

Do you know how to look for salt quantities in your food? Are calories and fat grams the only part of nutrition labels you read? Do you know the 56 different names for sugar? All I need is one hour with you to review everything on a food label, from the nutrition facts to the ingredient list. This practice is a necessary skill that makes a world of difference in the way you eat and feel.

Grocery Store Tours:

Grocery shopping is easily one of the most tedious and frustrating chores any of us has to do. In addition, we have to organize meals from the miscellaneous ingredients, which can be a puzzle all in itself. I can teach you how to organize a grocery list that makes sense before even heading into the store, alleviating part of the anxiety. Inside the store I can show you what areas of it you want to source from the most as well as the least. I will also teach you about gimmicky marketing phrases that misguide shoppers. By the end of the experience, you will learn how to save time and money with better quality foods.

Cooking classes:

Whether you are looking to become more comfortable with general meal prep or are looking for some creative ideas in a healthy reform, we can make it happen. After I understand exactly what you are looking to gain out of this culinary experience, we organize a cooking schedule accordingly.

Meal Planning:

If you are already familiar with your kitchen but don't know how to prepare meals in a time or cost efficient way, we can change that. I can customize a meal plan, complete with recipes, just for you and your schedule. Being prepared for your week with homemade nutrient dense foods ensures higher productivity and lowered stress!